The Nocturne
The Nocturne
i started writing spicy love poems

i started writing spicy love poems

May 7th's New Moon in Taurus told me to.

Embracing Sensuality: Writing with the New Moon in Taurus


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  • Today's episode delves into the luxurious energy of the new moon in Taurus.

  • Taurus invites us to slow down, indulge in life's pleasures, and connect with our sensuous selves.

Key Points:

  • Taurus energy is a slow burn, not a fast whip, encouraging us to savor the moment.

  • This new moon teaches us to meet the world with our hearts and set intentions from a place of compassion.

  • Embrace slow gratitude, appreciating life's simple pleasures and the beauty in each moment.

  • In writing, Taurus urges us to write what is beautiful and to apologize for nothing, encouraging confidence and authenticity.

Writing Prompt:

  • Set aside time to write a poem or piece of prose that celebrates sensuality and indulgence.

  • Focus on descriptive language that evokes the luxurious energy of Taurus.

  • Write with confidence and authenticity, embracing the beauty of your words without hesitation.

In closing:

  • Embrace the energy of the new moon in Taurus in your writing, indulging in creativity and sensuality.

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The Nocturne
The Nocturne
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