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Post Full Moon Reset

Post Full Moon Reset

Plus a Galentine's Day Inspiration List

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  • How to close your full moon energy and open up to new creative avenues during the next moon phase shift

  • Ways you can connect to your quarter waning moon creative flow

  • 3 prompts to help you get started on your next creative project

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Image and artist credit: Tessa G. O’Brien / Tall Trees Waterville / 16”x20”

February 13th is GALENTINE’S DAY: time to celebrate.

Grab your favorite people pals, and give a peek at Maine artists while you take in some pink tree art by Tessa G. O’Brien, pink moon photography by Peter Ralston, and pink-hued sculpture by Simon van der ven.

Once you’re full of art inspo, turn to the taste senses and grab some Parisian chocolates while you watch the latest El Ray: Vincente Fernandez on Netflix.

Jaime Camil is muy caliente!

Gina Gomez, who gave us the El Ray recommendation, says: You're welcome.

How will you be celebrating Galentine’s Day? Comment below and let us know your plans.


If you’re curating your next museum show or painting a new picture, or your writing group is telling you to sit down and write the next great American (or beyond novel), here are some quarter-waning moon creativity prompts to help you get started:

  • What do I want my audience to feel?

  • How do I want my work to serve?

  • Where does this work belong, and why?

Hit reply and tell me what your next big project is.

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Image credit via Stephen Ellcock: Angel , from the Aurora Consurgens (attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas or “Pseudo-Aquinas”) a 15th century German alchemical text with Watercolour Miniatures, ca. 1420s

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Psst … did you know I’m now offering a subscription that includes a FREE MONTHLY COLLECTIVE ENERGY CLEARING and write-up? Check out the paid communiqué here.


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