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✨🌚 ✨How To Work With The April 19th New Moon

✨🌚 ✨How To Work With The April 19th New Moon

Make a wish and watch it grow.

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  • April 19th New Moon in Aries + Solar Eclipse Podcast

  • Podcast notes

  • Taurus Birthday Note

  • New Moon Ritual


In this podcast you’ll discover: 

  • When the new moon happens and what its purpose is

  • How to align with the new moon and how to use it for career, relationships, creativity, and abundance

  • How to work with the new moon

  • Action items to make the most of the new moon energy of courage, individuality, and competition 

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Yes! I want this!

♉ TAURUS BIRTHDAY NOTE (April 20-May 20)

Happy birthday, Bully-boo! It’s cuddle time, Taurus, and your birthday month is no exception. Kicking your month off with a new moon, solar eclipse, and mercury retrograde, this circle around the sun asks you to head into your comfort zone and bring some damn snacks.

Give yourself your favorite kinds of gift and head into the “things are better under a blanket” this month. If anyone asks why you’re extra snacky and snuggly, respond with, “It’s my birthday month. I’m celebrating for 30 days and 30 nights.” One note of caution: it’s good to get up and get at it occasionally.

Make sure you’re not going overboard with your Succession binge. With a boost of energy over the New Moon, you’ll want to emerge from your lair and see the world.

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  • Gather the candle, incense, and your journal and pen together 

  • Light the incense and listen to this grounding meditation

  • Once you feel settled, take your journal and answer the following prompts:

    • What’s your secret stand out super power at work? How can you do more of your super power (or ask to do more!) even if you feel vulnerable.

    • What can you intend with your finances? Maybe you dream of future investments or philanthropy opportunities. Even if you don’t have the money now, dream big to plant those seeds!

    • Set a timer for 20 minutes and brainstorm new ideas for your creative work. Let the list grow without edits. Once you’re done, highlight anything that pops out and lights you up.

Once you’ve finished journaling, take a moment to watch the smoke from the incense and let your thoughts wander. When you feel ready, you can end the ritual by saying aloud or to yourself: I allow my ideas to bloom and my creative insight to be a voice I can recognize within. 


As always, thank you for being here, and thank you for reading! You make this intergalactic rocketship go. Was this helpful? Have questions? Comment below and let me know!


The Nocturne
The Nocturne
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