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The Nocturne
start and complete your writing projects

start and complete your writing projects

with the help of mercury retrograde and the eclipse shenanigans

Hello hello, Cheerful Writer!

In The Nocturne podcast episode today, we're tackling a common writer's dilemma: how to start a project and see it through to completion, especially during challenging times like Mercury retrograde.

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the following strategies to help you on your way:

Starting Strong:

  • Set a timer for just 10 minutes and write for the project you’re hoping to complete. This can help overcome initial resistance and kickstart your creativity.

Finding Accountability:

  • Find an accountability partner or group to share your progress and challenges. If you don't have a group, consider using social media or your email list to connect with fellow writers. Psst…I give lots of tips on this in the episode at minute 5:45.

Defining "Finished":

  • It's crucial to define what "finished" means for your project. Break down your writing into manageable tasks with clear deadlines to stay focused and motivated.

By implementing these strategies and staying flexible, you can navigate Mercury retrograde with confidence and see your writing projects through to completion.

Remember, every word you write is progress, so keep going and celebrate your achievements along the way.

Hit reply and let me know: will you set a timer to write towards your goals this week? Will you use your email list or social media accounts to hold you accountable?

All the emails come to my inbox - I’m here to cheer you on!

Happy Writing,



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The Nocturne
The Nocturne
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