The Moony Membership

Connection. Community. Belonging.

Where simplicity, magic, and a sense of belonging are essential. 

The Nocturne Moony Membership offers the connection to the cosmos (and each other) you’ve been searching for. 

An annual membership offering in-person events, workshops, discounts, and weekly content to inspire and keep your momentum going.

Plus so much more. 

$9/month or $99 a year (Get one month free!)

Yes! I want in!

When you join, you’ll access: 

  • Monthly Moon Scopes for your sun sign

  • Bi-weekly New and Full Moon Rituals (where you don’t need a degree in astrology to understand them!)

  • An exclusive gift + The Nocturne Moony Membership Totebag

  • Discounts to all of The Nocturne Events, Nocturne Nights Social Club gatherings & Member’s Only Events

  • Access to Members-only content & newsletter delivered monthly 

  • Invitations to the Monthly Live On Zoom Full Moon Rituals 

  • 20% off at The Nocturne Store

  • Behind-the-scenes ritual how-tos and behind-the-scenes at The Nocturne 

  • Exclusive discounts with our partner brands 

  • Early invitations to The Nocturne Retreats

  • Crystal, Tarot, & Mystical Product recommendations so you know the best addition to your daily intergalactic routines.

Yes! I want in!

☁️ Do you occasionally look up at the sky and wonder, WTF?

👊 Have you been shaking your fist at the Universe in frustration more often than not?

🪄 Have you felt a longing for simplicity & magic?

😴 Are you feeling tired with a touch of spiritual starvation?

You’re not alone. 

The Nocturne Moony Membership was created from a deep longing we observed from friends, family, acquaintances…and ourselves.

We were all searching for a way through the mental demands of modern life but felt pretty alone doing it.

If this resonates with you and you like the idea of a spiritual social club, stick with us; we’ve got you covered. 

Join us!

$9 / month or $99 a year

Yes! I want in!